Important – Lost Phone Messages

October 25th, 2013

Last week I deleted some voicemail messages by mistake and if I have not returned your phone call, now you know why.  I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused, please do call me again if you have not received a return phone call from me.

May the healing light of our Lord find its way into your hearts, amen…

Cancer – the enemy within

January 22nd, 2011

I am now working on helping a friend, a patient through a very difficult time.  Previously healing had subdued her aggressive cancer and for a while, she was completely cleared of it.  Now, the cancer has returned, far more aggressive and is spreading in her brain. Her surgeons and doctors are shocked that it is back and it painful to witness.

As I type this, she lays in hospital, suffering with her family by her side.  My position as friend and healer has been a difficult one; I want her to live.   However, the decision of whether she is healed or otherwise is beyond me and is absolutely God’s will – she is in his hands.

I am now wise to the fact not to view my efforts as self defeating because the type of cancer she had would not have allowed her any more than three weeks of survival anyway.  She has so far survived two years and is still fighting, the medical team cannot explain how she has managed to come through so far.

I will continue my prayers, regardless…  praying and hoping that our Lord may have mercy on her and that his divine will be done, amen.

What your eyes can’t see…

June 30th, 2010

I heard of an acquaintance who had tragically been involved in a fire accident in her home.  The fire overwhelmed her and she passed out as a result.  The toxic smoke entered her lungs, damaging them to the point where doctors contemplated if she was better off the life support machine.  The patient had gone into a coma and was suspended as such with a heavy dose of morphine and other medications.  There was nothing science could do but wait and hope that she somehow recovers.
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Spiritual healing and medical science

June 26th, 2010

I have often been asked about my view on medical science as opposed to spiritual healing.  I believe in medical science and I also believe that it achieves wonders.  What can now be done for patients compared to 10 or 20 years ago is simply fascinating and the advances are promising.

Spiritual healing goes hand in hand with medical science and very often the angels who’s purpose it is to serve will refer a patient to medical practitioners if their ailment is deemed to be treatable by medical science.  Trance healing or spiritual healing, at least in my experience  seem to be reserved for the hopeless cases and poor souls that scientific methods were unable to heal or revive.
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What do healing and exorcism have in common?

June 1st, 2010

It was on short notice that a patient was referred to me by the name of ‘J’  She left me a vague message on my answer machine and it sounded sweet and polite, I did not think anything else of it.  I usually prefer it if patients do not tell me what is wrong so that my mind does not become aware and conscious of what the problem is.  In this case, I was completely in the dark, save for being told that the patient was to bring her pet gerbil with her.  I had no objections; after all, healing is meant for all living beings no matter how great or small. The day came for J to attend her healing session and since she was unable to be accompanied with a female, I asked my wife to sit in on the session as a witness.
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